The Samaria Gorge

Greece 2021 #5Friday 18 June I was sampling some exquisite honey in a honey shop in Chania this morning. The lady asked where we came from. “Thank goodness! Welcome, welcome, welcome!”, she effused. It seems the Brits are missed and confirms our suspicion that we are indeed a rare commodity at the moment. We have… Read More The Samaria Gorge


Greece 2021 #4Tuesday 15 June Poor Steve. The only present he got to open on his birthday was a selection of maps of Crete. I was desperate. I feel like a refugee at the moment, drifting around with whatever happens to be in my suitcase, appropriate for the climate/culture/terrain or not. He had to make… Read More E4


Greece 2021 #3Monday 14 June After the stress and uncertainty of getting here, Crete feels like my own private little slice of heaven. Back in the day, Greece was my holiday destination of choice. I don’t remember it being quite like this. Perhaps a cheap and cheerful Thompson’s square deal in the most crowded, touristy… Read More Roadblock


Greece 2021 #2Friday 11 June Now that I have recovered from the trauma of getting here, I am loving Athens. It is a beautiful city with a lovely atmosphere. You will never go short of coffee here. There is a coffee bar on every corner. The shops are wonderful. I am not shopping, you understand,… Read More Athens

The Lure

Egypt 2021 #4Monday 31 May Last night I fell into the very trap I had been trying to avoid. I got suckered into an impromptu tour of a few local emporia. What an adventure! As we left our hotel last night to head for a quite exquisite Indian meal at what is undoubtedly the best… Read More The Lure